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《女身饗宴》展覽及演出 Woman.Appetites / Exhibition & Performance

“Appetite is about eating, certainly, and that’s a piece of it that defines life for many woman… but it’s also about a much broader constellation for hungers and longings and needs. It is about the deeper wish – to partake of the world, to feel a sense of abundance and possibility about life, to experience pleasure. At heart, it’s about our abiding, often poorly articulated hunger for what they appear to have: joy, peace with body and soul, bounty.”

Appetites: Why Women Want, by Caroline Knapp

熱情、慾望與靈魂的長桌上,女子們正在上演一場又一場吃的舞蹈﹣﹣吃甚麼、吃多少、如何吃、選擇吃與不吃。 夏娃吃掉禁果、人魚喝下毒藥;邊界女子、挨餓女子、習舞女子……眾女子發問:我渴求甚麼?

「Appetites關於吃,對許多女人來講食慾是定義生命之事 …… 但 appetite 也是關於渴望與需要,



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