• 卡桑德拉/表象終結之世界



  • 卡桑德拉 / 表象終結之世界 Kassandra or the World as the End of Representation

    卡桑德拉 / 表象終結之世界 Kassandra or the World as the End of Representation

    Based on the German script Kassandra oder die Welt als Ende der Vorstellung, littlebreath is travelling once again to the border state – how could we possibly understand ‘the Others’?
    凝視極權、戰禍、媒體之苦難人間,德國劇作家Kevin Rittberger 以文字觸碰「沒有身體的觀點」;小息反照當下,以聲像、肉身僭進無法抵達的真實之岸。

  • 七天七夜-一缺城市誦曲 Heptahedron, A City’s (Surrealist’s) Odyssey

    七天七夜-一缺城市誦曲 Heptahedron, A City’s (Surrealist’s) Odyssey

    A series of 7 performances ; Immersive Theatric Landscapes / 遊走城市的滲入式環境劇場 / A project consists of five performances, a forum and one action, […]

  • 靜默邊境 Absent Presentee

    靜默邊境 Absent Presentee

    State of loneliness is depicted as four channels of paralleled narratives are going on in the cattle depot simultaneously, with disturbing layers of sounds and lights. Audience must find their own ways to view.

  • 靜默。邊境族 Present Absentee

    靜默。邊境族 Present Absentee

    Palestinians, Tibetans, Kurdish… Writer-director Chan Kwun Fee contemplates her encounters with refugees in different countries. How identities are constructed and how identities become manipulating tools of state machine? How the lives of exile actually are and what does it mean to be exile? What is behind the evil name of ‘terrorism’? *Nominated for Best Performance in the Hong Kong Theatre Libre 2015.以聲像裝置、現場音樂、形體舞蹈及戲劇探討戰爭、暴力與權力,詰問人性與自由。

  • 邊境國 Border States

    邊境國 Border States

    Dance, poetry and live music blend into a poetic yet political review on issues of ‘borders’. 關於邊緣、邊境及邊界;一齣舞蹈、歌唱、詩歌、戲劇與聲音拼貼而成的魔幻組曲。

  • 女身饗宴 Woman Appetites

    女身饗宴 Woman Appetites

    A trans-genre creative project about woman, body and desires: text X illustration X moving.images X body X theatre. 女性身體與慾望的多元對話跨界創作:文字 X 繪畫 X 影像 X 身體 X 劇場

  • 448個黑色姿勢 448 Things To Do at 4.48

    448個黑色姿勢 448 Things To Do at 4.48

    人聲 X 舞蹈 X 劇場 ──凌晨神智澄明的一小時又二十分鐘 舞動靈魂暗面
    Voices, dance and theatre work about the gloom nights of a soul. Inspired by and adapted from Sarah Kane’s 4.48 Psychosis.

  • 從機器走出來的神 Deus Ex Machina

    從機器走出來的神 Deus Ex Machina

    A site-specific dance theatre work on the rooftop.

  • 旋轉三途川 Tides in Limbo

    旋轉三途川 Tides in Limbo


  • 女身饗宴 – 裸拍造像 Woman.Appetites : Nude Shots

    女身饗宴 – 裸拍造像 Woman.Appetites : Nude Shots

    A visual ethnography that six girls having their first nude shots experience.

  • 女身網上誌 Woman.Appetites Web Magazine

    女身網上誌 Woman.Appetites Web Magazine

    *Intimate talks about woman bodies